GUEST POST: Nancy Taaffe explains why she’s against foodbanks

I understand that foodbanks are often set up by well intentioned people who want to help, but I would question whether a foodbank without politics does actually help.

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GUEST POST: Fiona Twycross on visiting Peckham foodbank

Members of the London Assembly visited Peckham foodbank this week. Fiona Twycross, Labour Londonwide Assembly Member, has written this guest post on her visit and her meetings with volunteers and clients for The food bankers.
Names of clients have been changed in this story to protect their identity.

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Have foodbanks taken up government reins?

Lambeth council made the national headlines in August after it proposed to provide funding for Brixtons food bank yet claimed it was “holding its nose” as it didn’t believe the scheme is a solution to the boroughs poverty. Elizabeth Mayton, head of Brixton food bank, is also worried that getting involved in formal crisis welfare provision could be “something that completely swamps food banks.”

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