Turkeys flock to feed America

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, foodbanks in America are urging locals to donate a tasty festive bird to their local centre. Turkeys, the traditional Thanksgiving feast, are being donated in their thousands to foodbanks across the US as a wholesome meal for families in need.

Feeding America, which supports over 200 foodbanks in the US, is a charitable organisation set up to support families in need. John Van Hengel set up the first foodbank in America, and globally, in Arizona in 1967. Feeding America was set up following Van Hengel’s charitable vision and their foodbanks are typically set up as warehouses.

American foodbanks allow donations of perishable food as long as the donations follow the guidelines set out on their website. Perishable food such as bread and meat can be donated if well-packaged and labelled appropriately. Foodbanks in the States also accept large-scale donations from businesses, encouraging the wealthy and successful, to give back to the community.

This summer, the Poultry Industry in Virginia donated 8,650 pounds of turkey to Blue Ridge Area FoodBank. This mammoth donation was in response to the state governor’s Food and Fund Drive. Also, with turkey season on the way, one company, Shaw’s donated 13,000 turkeys across six different American foodbanks.

In the US, with the country amidst recession, foodbanks have even less money to provide wholesome meals for the needy. So, some foodbanks have been publicising widely about donations. Greater Boston Foodbank currently has an advertisement stating that: ‘Just $17 provides a 12 to 14-lb Thanksgiving turkey to a family who is struggling this holiday season.’

With these adverts and business efforts, turkeys have been flocking to feed America this Thanksgiving season.



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