What we’re about

foodbank (noun): a place where food is contributed and made available to those in need.

London (place): the capital city of the United Kingdom, set along the river Thames in South East England. Europe’s largest urban area.

This site is about foodbanks in London; who uses them, who organises them, where the food comes from, how they are changing, what they do well and how they could improve. By posting regularly on foodbanks in London we hope to keep you informed about what’s going on. But we want to be more than just a reference and a source of news. We want to create a proactive community that serves as a forum for discussion and interaction. Whilst you are of course welcome simply to read our articles, what we really want is your input. This site is a platform for your views as well as ours.  So, please leave comments, suggest discussion and lines of enquiry, send articles for us to publish, share your opinion, pass on your photos, tell us where we could improve, and tell us when we’re just plain wrong. Generally, declare your ideas.

Please get in touch!

The site is divided into five broad sections:

‘News’ focuses on the up-to-date stories about foodbanks, food waste and poverty. We aim to blog regularly about the big stories surrounding foodbanks in the UK and big statements made by Politicians.

‘Profiles and Interviews’ is a section dedicated to interviews with volunteers, clients, politicians and organisers within the field of food poverty, food waste and food banks.

‘National Policy’ is information about what is happening in the UK and decisions made by the Government.

‘Events’ is a section on visits we have made to foodbanks and events with information on food waste, food poverty and foodbanks.

‘Guest Posts’ is a section with informed views from Politicians and volunteers on the issues surrounding food waste and food poverty.

For more information, see posts about how they work and a visit to typical foodbank.

The foodbankers are four postgraduate journalism students at City University; Rachel Bayne, Tom Knowles, Charlotte Rettie and Henry Vane. This is our online project.


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