Could you live below the line?

The Food Bankers examine the trajectory of the Ben Affleck and Hugh Jackman supported campaign that asks people to live below the poverty line for a week. 

Last year Jack McConnell avoided living on crisps and chocolate like some he knew but admitted to burning a meal and falling asleep during a meeting.

Daniel Roche from Outnumbered released a video for #belowtheline. Highlights include recipes for spaghetti a la veg and pizza and Daniel wrestling with a tea towel.

Shopping list tweets began this weekend, we thought 18 year old Mancunian Catherine Ayres’ didn’t look too bad. Do you think she’ll cave?


Pictures of the groceries soon flooded in, Felicity Moody’s  dogs look tasty, not too sure about the value bread though.

Nancy graduate James Canvin and his mate Mark enlisted the help of 5 lovely ladies to cook their #belowtheline meals. First up is their friend Shadi.

Andrea Carpenter found the energy to do her own shopping, warning other supermarket goers, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY.


Leeds student Krystina Mawer is doing the challenge while volunteering in Ghana and has posted local recipes like Kontomire.


Save the Children’s Rosie Parkin‘s lovely housemate tucked into his steaming Waitrose prawn stir-fry before asking if she’d like a bite.

Lunchtime tweets rolled in and it seemed people’s nerves were starting to fray.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 11.47.54

Are you doing #belowtheline? Let us know how its going!


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