Cameron’s sidekick in trouble over foodbank tweet

Chair of Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency party, Liam Walker, 22, was forced to apologise and hide his Twitter after suggesting anyone would take food if it was free.


Walker used to have a job with the police, but lost it after stealing, something he describes as ‘a silly little mistake.’  Walker understandably thought he had the right to judge the behaviour of others, saying:

“I’ve seen some ‘foodbank users’ in the pubs of Witney… #priorities.”

Walker has also boasted about his links to the Premier and has suggested people only vote Labour to protect benefits. His comments were ill received by Witney East councillor Duncan Enright, who remarked, “It is disgraceful that a local Conservative should attack people who are forced to rely on foodbanks.”

After The Mirror challenged Downing Street about his remarks, Walker made his account private then released this message:

I apologise for my previous tweet. Foodbanks are excellent and do a fantastic job in our communities.

Rising star 

But Walker didn’t apologise until his comments had sparked a new Twitter hashtag which included the following tweets:

“The food banks will give out Nandos vouchers #WhenLiamsPM”

“Beer tax will be abolished #WhenLiamsPM”

“He’ll steal what he wants! #WhenLiamsPM”

The public’s support of Walker resulted in more positive tweets about him than negative.

Tweets about Liam Walker

Tweets about Liam Walker

 But not everyone was quite as supportive.

Liam Walker tweets

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