The top 20 foodbankers to follow on Twitter

Tristram Stuart

Tristram Stuart

We pooled a list of the top 20 people raising awareness about foodbanks, waste and poverty.

1) Tristram Stuart, @Feeding5K. Tristram is a leading waste campaigner and recently treated government ministers to a meal of blemished fruit and vegetables.

What he says: “A country like America has twice as much food on its shop shelves and in its restaurants than is actually required to feed the American people.”

2) Chris Mould, @ChrisMould. Former NHS chief executive, Chris, founded The Trussell Trust and built it during the Labour boom years.

He says: “What we are increasingly concerned about is that we don’t take on a responsibility for the deeper, longer term resolution of poverty.”

3) Fiona Twycross, @FionaTwycross. Fiona is a member of the London Assembly and a Foodbankers guest blogger. She spent the last six months investigating London hunger and poverty.

Fiona Twycross article

She says: “We must make London a Zero Hunger City. We need the Mayor to take urgent action and work with the London boroughs and government to make this happen.”

4) Kelvin Cheung, @kelvincheung_uk. Kelvin founded FoodCycle, a charity that combines volunteers, surplus food and unused kitchen spaces to make meals for the vulnerable.

He says: “Our standards of what’s good are so high these days. Life, people and food aren’t perfect. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can move onto our next stage of civilisation.”

5) Food Tank, @foodtank. Food Tank is a think tank that bridges domestic and global food issues and develops solutions that can be practiced by more research and investment in agriculture.

They say: “We feature innovative ideas that are already working on the ground, in cities, in kitchens, in fields and in laboratories.”

6) Food Aware, @FoodAWARE. Supported by Jamie Oliver and Billy Pearce, Food Aware redistributes surplus food from potential waste to human consumption.

They say: “Business waste disposal costs are passed on to consumers in higher prices, and landfill costs in local taxes, resulting in less income for everyone.”

7) The Peoples Kitchen, @BrixtonPK. The People’s Kitchen turns food surplus into meals and is today celebrating building a cycle-powered mobile kitchen at Myatt’s Fields Park.

They say: “Join the communal table and make new friends. Put what you can into the pot, or feel free to eat for free!”

8) Zero Hunger, @zerohunger. The UN’s campaign for working towards a future where enjoyment of food is available to everyone.

They say: “Minimise food losses during storage and transport and waste of food by retailers and consumers and empower choice through appropriate labelling.”

9) The Trussell Trust, @Trusselltrust. The charity’s clients have increased by 170% over the past year and it aims to have a foodbank in each town to support them.

They say: “We are building communities where people of all backgrounds are included and have the opportunity to live in dignity with hope for the future.”

10) Dustbin Dinners, @dustbindinners. A project exploring and discussing freeganism, including investigations into supermarket waste policies and guest posts on criminalisation.

They say: “Freeganism is a form of non-violent action against capitalism, unbalanced food distribution, and food waste.”

11) The Global FoodBanking Network, @FoodBanking. The network alleviates global hunger by collaborating with commercial partners and governments to develop needed foodbanks and support existing ones.

It says: “Foodbanking is the link between food waste and hunger, a community asset and hunger relief operating at scale.”

12) The United Nations Environment Programme, @UNEP. UNEP is an advocate, educator, catalyst and facilitator, promoting the wise use of the global environment for sustainable development.

They say: “We assess environmental conditions and trends, help to form legal instruments, strengthen institutions, facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology and integrate environmental production into economic development.”

13) Enough Food IF campaign, @EnoughFoodIF. The celebrity backed global hunger campaign wants the government to follow through on their promise to host a hunger summit, hopefully this June.

They say: “We want more aid for poor children, more action on tax dodgers, more support for farmers being forced off their land and more transparency about government actions that prevent these aims from happening.”

14) Fare Share, @fareshare. Fare Share is the 2010 winner of Britain’s Most Admired Charity and redistributes surplus food and educates people about healthy living.

They say: “We aim to support 100,000 vulnerable people, offer 6,000 volunteer opportunities and provide nutritious food to 2,200 communities.”

15) The International Food Policy Research Institute, @IFPRI. The group seeks sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty and provides research-based policy solutions.

They say: “Added value derives from our cutting edge research linked with academic excellence of other institutions and the application of this knowledge to food policy problems.”

16) Jamie Oliver, @jamieoliver. The celebrity is championing a food revolution including the 17th May Food Revolution Day.

He says: “Its a chance for people to come together within their communities and share their food skills, knowledge and resources.”

17) Love Food, Hate Waste, @LFHW_UK. The campaign recently brought out an app that provides tips for families for saving money.

They say: “We work with a wide range of partners, from community organisations, chefs, UK businesses, trade bodies and local authorities through to individuals looking for practical advice.”

18) Gain Alliance, @GainAlliance. The global alliance for improved nutrition aims to eliminate worldwide malnutrition by mobilising public-private partnerships.

They say, “Should the food industry regulate themselves in how they sell snacks to children?”

19) Olivier De Schutter, @DeSchutterUNSR. The UN’s Special Rapporteur on the right to food.

He says: “Foodbanks shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for a functioning welfare system.”

20) CGIAR Consortium, @CGIAR. A global partnership of organisations engaged in agricultural research for a food secure research.

They say, “It has often been cited that one dollar invested in CGIAR research results in about nine dollars in increased productivity in developing countries.”

What do you think of this list, is there anyone we’ve missed? Who’s the number one? Answer the poll and let us know!

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