Trussell Trust HQ – 5 videos, 5 lessons about foodbanks

At the start of January, I was shown round the Trussell Trust (TT) by the delightful Louise Wratten, Salisbury foodbank manager.

Here are five things that I found out:

The overwhelming majority of people who use foodbanks have had their benefits suspended or delayed.

Foodbanks need things you probably wouldn’t think of buying for yourself such as UHT milk, tinned potatoes, and spam.

The TT has 6000 mince pies left over from Christmas. These will be given to a women’s refuge and a youth hostel. “They won’t be wasted. They might not taste as good as intended but they’re absolutely fine”, Louise told us. Food banks waste only 3% of their food.

“Dads especially. If you’re the bread winner then it’s very hard to admit you need help. A lot of parents skip meals. They tell their kids ‘we’re eating later’ but they don’t.”



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