Every can helps

  1. Check out this site for full details on #everycanhelps: http://www.trusselltrust.org/tesco-appeal.
  2. Here’s the Tesco Ad for the project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yokCmRtcFvM
  3. lolarosa
    RT @FareShareUK: We can’t wait to help feed people in need with @TrussellTrust and @TescoMedia. Donate this weekend #everycanhelps
  4. Yvette Cooper, MP, joins in the drive.
  5. @YvetteCooperMP thank you for your contribution at Tesco today
    @PandCExpress @FareShareUK @TescoMedia http://pic.twitter.com/eTwruFp9
  6. RT @FareShareUK: Wakey wakey! Our food collection with @TescoMedia and @TrussellTrust has started. #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/XdMx7zUI
  7. hffoodbank
    Today you can donate food at Tescos, 180 Shepherds Bush to help people in need @tescomedia @trusselltrust #everycanhelps
  8. RT @HELENCLAIRE1975: Donations rolling in @Tescocheetham supporting food bank w/e @TrussellTrust @franceasinthe #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/Kf4f5tq3
  9. @jackiechales @TescoMedia @FareShareUK first trolley full at bletchley 🙂 #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/iXY8ICqu
  10. Donations coming in thick and fast! Hackney 2671! @markwinter1 #everycanhelps @nikkimillard http://pic.twitter.com/H5ga26UC
  11. @TescoMMM @andrewbthered #everycanhelps Fantastic start, already raised over £300. Massive effort buy Ruth & Lesley. http://pic.twitter.com/lya7Fujq
  12. foodbankwales
    Thanks to all the volunteers who have braved the cold to collect for @TrussellTrust foodbanks #everycanhelps
  13. Salisbury staff get arty with their food collection.
  14. RT @TrussellTrust: Lovely Tesco Extra Salisbury staff braving the cold to help #foodbank feed people in need #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/ivLi2dOk
  15. RT @lucianaberger: The generosity of people this morning at Mather Avenue Tesco is astounding @TrussellTrust @FareShareUK #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/Pr2ocirn
  16. Father Christmas brings his elves to help in Cardiff.
  17. @jennywillott MP supporting our #fareshare food collection in Roath,Cardiff. @TescoMedia @yourcardiff #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/SGQrcn3d
  18. RT @Craigycamps: Jean & Dot (Tesco Retired Staff Association) Pontefract please RT @YvetteCooperMP @FareShareUK #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/Cb0boxIV
  19. Big show at Altrincham foodbank – and check out their giant christmas tree! #everycanhelps
  20. @altrinchamfoodbank
    £700 of food donated already. Our customers are amazing #altrincham #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/Mc47Jocj
  21. Amazing generosity from Tesco customers at Larkfield for @TrussellTrust foodbank collection #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/bpAzwkSE
  22. Everyone’s getting involved in the food drive today 🙂
  23. “@NGraney: A little girl supporting the food share #awbless @andrewbthered @Jastam1 http://pic.twitter.com/rPzt9GAa”#everycanhelps
  24. TrussellTrust
    Just filmed with the lovely briony leyland at salisbury tesco extra for BBC South Today, should be on tomo’s news #everycanhelps @TescoMedia
  25. Anne Diamond joins the drive at Kidlington Metro.
  26. #everycanhelps @trusselltrust from Hackney volunteer all the best to 6-week old Bexley FB. Items we are usually low on http://pic.twitter.com/29KMiTn3
  27. Check out Luciana Berger’s video on #foodpoverty #everycanhelps
  28. lucianaberger
    If ur wondering why in 2012 we hv to collect food I made a short film about it: bit.ly/Qg2CXP #foodpoverty #everycanhelps #YouCanHelp
  29. Police cadets joining in the fun in Kennington.
  30. RT @liznielsen99: Local police cadets helping with the collection at Kennington store #everycanhelps @timrgolding1 @TrussellTrust http://pic.twitter.com/5auKmvU8
  31. Great work team Heswall & our generous customers, well over 100 trays donated already! #everycanhelps @JamesGraham100 http://pic.twitter.com/0RU4fQZp
  32. foodbankNorwood
    Going well at Tesco’s so far: 10 trolleys full at Thornton Heath & 315kg collected in Brixton! Will you be stopping by? #everycanhelps
  33. RT @Jaya_Hitch: Seaton tesco #everycanhelps #makingchristmasacracker @TescoMMM @tescocracker http://pic.twitter.com/TxgcH1tV
  34. ens An almost full ‘cage’. More food has already left for our own store room. #everycanhelps http://yfrog.com/g0d42crj
  35. 1st Dec – Donate to Tesco’s #everycanhelps campaign #feelgood #advent http://instagr.am/p/SsiWggE6E5/
  36. Check out the sticker – #everycanhelps
  37. Local Brownies helping out in Clapham 🙂
  38. RT @liznielsen99: Local brownies helping the food collection at Clapham store today for @TrussellTrust @timrgolding1 #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/UpqZks1O
  39. Over 480kg of food donated at hodgehill Foodbank collection #Everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/scuMagGv
  40. Wow – people are so generous! This kind man just donated a trolley load to #foodbank! Having a great day #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/imEeSSfQ
  41. RT @jotroth: Over 480kg of food donated at hodgehill Foodbank collection #Everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/scuMagGv
  42. RT @DavidT1990: #teamwarrington #everycanhelps can not thank everyone enough for their generosity! thankyou thankyou thankyou! http://pic.twitter.com/A3LDArTk
  43. Bob Stewart, MP, joins the collection in Lewisham.
  44. RT @ltaaylward: Bob Stewart MP with the @lewishamfood and @tescomedia teams at Elmers End #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/gPsqrT7A
  45. JASLATER11
    93 cases gone off to foodbank so far. Fantastic donations. Thank You! Lets keep it up #everycanhelps
  46. London Assembly member, Valerie Shawcross tweeting about #everycanhelps. If you’re interested, why not check out Fiona Twycross’ guest post for thefoodbankers!
  47. ValShawcross
    Unbelievable generosity from Southwark shoppers at Tesco Surrey Quays. A whole trolly load of shopping just donated to @peckhamfoodbank
  48. Volunteers working busily in Hackney #everycanhelps
  49. Inspiring stories from foodbank volunteers.
  50. sibelsham
    .@kentowle my father ran Swindon Foodbank for past 7 yrs. Very proud of what Tesco are doing to support today. #everycanhelps
  51. Tesco staff joining in the drive #everycanhelps
  52. Staff doing there bit #everycanhelps @steviegosboy @franceasinthe @Bill_Davidson01 @Jessicareynard @ESaulino http://pic.twitter.com/ObpZ8td5
  53. 800kg of food donated to Bristol foodbank!
  54. Derby volunteers looking very busy.
  55. RT @Tesco_Derby: #Everycanhelps at Derby Mickleover, it’s busy busy busy!! http://pic.twitter.com/bCaPw56w
  56. Tesco sharing the Christmas spirit.
  57. Foodbank donators and volunteers getting vocal on twitter. Social Media giving an even louder voice to charity.
  58. A single customers donation!!!! Wow! They’re generous in Heswall. #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/FwZxfx7v
  59. A very generous donation from one of our colleagues Andy #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/yXytEf5e
  60. RT @paulallen1970: @steviegosboy @ASchofield1380 Never been prouder of tesco in 25yrs. Helping those most in need. #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/ghVeWKBX
  61. Its all smiles in Barnstaple from the foodbank volunteers!
  62. So many customers donating goods at Tesco Barnstaple 2083 @FareShareUK @trusselltrust @TescoMedia #EveryCanHelps http://pic.twitter.com/HvXWjEu0
  63. @GaryAshton68 @TerryWoods6 @tescocracker still going strong up north! #everycanhelps #teamwarrington http://pic.twitter.com/pKCkfRZb
  64. foodbankNorwood
    So many shoppers have come to @UKTesco especially to donate after hearing about “Help feed those in need” appeal #everycanhelps
  65. Has your local foodbank been featured on the TV?
  66. RT @danbeatlejones: Andy McColl claims he’s not nervous as he’s about to be interviewed by BBC South today for Foodbank
    #everycancounts http://pic.twitter.com/sY05g1jM
  67. foodbankNorwood
    9 more crates here at Thorton Heath and a total of 46 crates in Brixton which means the total has crept up to 554.9kg! #everycanhelps
  68. One donator wearing a christmassy bobble hat #everycanhelps
  69. Another generous customer making a donation @tescocefnmawr. #everycanhelps @UKTesco @TescoMedia http://pic.twitter.com/mqXnSEvv
  70. Over 1,000 donations to Sheffield Abbeydale.
  71. helengalletley
    Just passed the £1000 mark for Foodbank donations! Amazingly generous customers in Sheffield Abbeydale! #everycanhelps @SJMR1 @TescoMedia
  72. @JamesGraham100 local assembly member @darrenmillaram supporting our foodbank collections #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/hhsycxc6
  73. foodbankwales
    My nephew just loved donating at Llanelli Tesco to @TrussellTrust foodbank – thanks Tom! #everycanhelps
  74. Volunteers braving the cold for charity.
  75. NorthBristolFB
    Pretty chilly outside Tesco Golden Hill collecting for #foodbanks but it’s worth it to stop people going hungry at #Christmas #everycanhelps
  76. Had a great time collecting for the Food Bank today at Tesco in Cheetham Hill. #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/wb0HQXaj
  77. That’s one huge receipt. #Everycanhelps campaign filling Tescos on Saturday.
  78. Check out this amount of food #everycanhelps @TescoMedia @TrussellTrust @brownie_73 http://pic.twitter.com/BMqxTLpU
  79. Yay! @hackneyfoodbank #everycanhelps 1 tonne collected at Hackney Morning Lane http://pic.twitter.com/VztW0Dur
  80. danjago
    Do good today for self and others at Tesco. Donate for #everycanhelps food bank and then stock up on wine with 25% off 6 bottles.
  81. #everycanhelps @Tescowidnes valued so far at £1600 well done team!! @chettondrive @bigsi74 http://pic.twitter.com/nbD3ch6p
  82. AltyFoodbank
    Oops forgot #everycanhelps Over £3000 worth of food collected @tescobaguley and Tesco Altrincham #thank you
  83. Tesco Allerton adding to donations collected today by foodbank volunteers.
  84. TescoAllerton
    @jp7724 Tesco will donate an additional 30% of the total amount donated by customers for foodbank #everycanhelps
  85. ONE person donated this! What incredible generosity! #warmstheheart #Foodbank #everycanhelps @TrussellTrust @uktesco http://pic.twitter.com/YUpDJMSn
  86. Volunteers simply having a wonderful Christmas time!
  87. food bank collection team simply having a wonderful Christmas time! @tescocracker #teamwarrington #everycanhelps http://pic.twitter.com/VdfSj5tL
  88. Remember the fun and frenzy of the Tesco food drive continues tomorrow. Tesco Supermarkets will be carrying on their collections for foodbanks and the twitter hashtag #everycanhelps will carry on.

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